bus hatches and windows

We have years of extensive experience in making Bus and Coach windows, so we can certainly help you with your Motor home windows. We make the driver and passenger windows as well as the windows in the living areas.

We also make roof hatches using long life, maintenance free materials. The outer frame fixing flange can be screwed down into the roof, ensuring a neat fit and sealing at all times. A range of sizes are available to suit various openings and standards. The safety exit feature is incorporated into the lid design.

As our windows are manufactured as a once off, there are no restrictions on mitred or raked windows. For the rounded corners we are only restricted by the radii. If made from our heavy duty frame it is a 76mm or 100mm radius, these can also made as double sliders.

Our medium duty frame has a 50mm and 63mm radius.

Through experience we have found that the majority of our clients are revamping buses and coaches. This being the case, if your not able to bring your vehicle to us, we can go off site to quote a job as long as its within 25km of the metropolitan area. If not, you can make templates of the openings and we can advise and quote prices for your application.

If you are building a bus/motor home from your own design, we can definitely provide you with the windows you need.

Unfortunately we do not manufacture wind out or louvre windows.